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Miami Drug Crime Lawyer

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You might be feeling perplexed and also stressed regarding exactly what your future might hold if you have actually been apprehended and charged with a drug offense or criminal activity. Depending on the legal issues surrounding an alleged drug crime you may be involved in, drug offenses may vary given your specific situation.  In order to shield yourself and your future, it is imperative that you call Frank Schwartz, P.A. promptly. At our firm, we work efficiently to make certain that your rights are protected. We work diligently to establish a personalized legal strategy that is tailored to your case. Retain our firm as your Miami Drug Crime Lawyer as soon as possible if you are encountering drug charges!

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Have you been Convicted of a Drug Crime?

Learn about the various consequences that can result due to being convicted of a drug crime.

Any sort of drug criminal offense charge can lead to major life-altering repercussions. A conviction of any sort of drug offense could possibly bring about:

  • Prison or Jail Time
  • Fines
  • Permit Suspension
  • Probation

When the prosecuting attorney is determining the exact costs to file against you, there are multiple factors taken into consideration. Some factors include, the type of drug that was found on you, the quantity of the drug, and also how the illegal substance was intended to be used. In each factor, the penalties could differ. A prosecuting attorney will figure out the kind of penalty using a drug scheduling scale. This scale is applied by the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration. The prosecute will deem what the appropriate charges will be for the infractions.  At our law firm, we can fight to reduce, dismiss the charges, or even have the full case dismissed.

Scheduling Scale for Drug Crimes

According to Section 843.03 of the Florida Statues on drug crimes, drugs are categorized into five classification schedules.  The schedule also provides details about the penalties applied to each classification. Below, is an overview of each classification schedule:

  • Schedule V: The drugs have the most affordable possibility for abuse integrated with an allowed clinical usage.
  • Schedule IV: The drugs have a substantially reduced capacity for abuse incorporated with an approved clinical use- but not the lowest possibility for misuse.
  • Schedule III: The drugs in this category have a capacity for misuse but it is less than the possibility for the drugs discovered in Schedules I and II and also there is still an allowed clinical/medical use.
  • Schedule II: The drugs have a high possibility for abuse, yet there is additionally an allowed clinical use with some restrictions.
  • Schedule I: The drugs have a high possibility for abuse along with no allowed clinical use- this is the most severe category.

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