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Protecting Those Who Have Been Charged With A DUI In South Florida

South Florida DUI Attorney

Driving drunk is an extremely dangerous as well as a severe offense that could leave you dealing with tremendous fines. If you have been apprehended for or arrested for drunk driving in Florida, you have to act promptly to guarantee that your legal rights and privilege to drive is safeguarded.

At Frank Schwartz, P.A., we understand that this time around in your life might be tough, but with the representation of a seasoned South Florida DUI lawyer, you could possibly acquire a beneficial result for your situation. If you have actually been charged with driving intoxicated (DUI) under the influence of liquor or drugs, you need to seek advice from and retained us as your South Florida DUI attorney right away.

Have you been charged with a DUI in Florida? Call Frank Schwartz, P.A. today at (786) 648-7983 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with our DUI lawyer in South Florida.

What are the Penalties for DUI in South Florida?

Without legal representation, you might be encountering a very difficult, uphill struggle as you try to guard your liberties as well as legal rights. When you deal with our firm, we actively go after only the most amazing possible result for your situation, as well as can develop a personalized approach that is specific to your special circumstance. It is essential to work with a South Florida DUI attorney because, without the help of a legal representative, you could be encountering the following fines upon conviction:

When it comes to driving under the influence charges in Florida, no two cases will result in the same outcome. The penalties you could be encountering will differ depending upon your criminal background as well as the specifics of your situation. If you were associated with an injury-causing accident or if there was a minor in the vehicle during the incident, your fines could be enhanced dramatically if you are pronounced guilty. In order to shield yourself, you need to get in touch with a South Florida DUI lawyer from Frank Schwartz, P.A., as soon as possible.


When is a DUI a Felony in Florida?

While a first DUI offense in Florida is considered a misdemeanor that carries a maximum jail sentence, a minimum fine, and other penalties, if there are any aggravating circumstances associated with the crime, then a first-time DUI can be punishable by more severe penalties or even be charged as a felony offense.

What Defenses Can I Use Against A DUI Charge In Florida?

The following are several aggravating factors of a Florida DUI:

Do you need help avoiding a DUI conviction? Contact Frank Schwartz, P.A. today to discuss your case with our DUI attorney in South Florida.


There's No Such Things As “No Refusal”

You have legal rights when confronted by police. When you are stopped, detained, questioned, or arrested, Florida and Federal law provides your rights:

Possible Consequences of Refusal in Florida

You may use your rights to refuse breath and blood testing. However, this refusal may result in the suspension, of your driver’s license. Failing a breath or blood test could also result in suspension and failure of either of these tests could hurt your court case. When it comes to tests by the police, it may be better to refuse than to risk failing a test.

What Defenses Can I Use Against A DUI Charge In Florida?

It’s estimated that in 2018 in Miami-Dade county alone there were over 2,700 DUI arrests made. Of these arrests, there was about a 30% conviction rate. This means that about 70% of the DUI charges were either dropped or dismissed that year. When it comes to beating a DUI in Florida, there are several defenses against DUI charges that you can use:

Contact Our DUI Lawyer in South Florida Today

If you happen to get detained as well as charged with a DUI, it is absolutely important that you work promptly to retain the legal counsel of a helpful lawyer. When you seek assistance from our company, Frank Schwartz, P.A., we could take instant action to ensure that your legal rights are protected, whereas you receive the best outcome for your case.

We are focused on identifying the most efficient way to achieve the most effective result, and we can tenaciously pursue a solid legal defense on your behalf. Get in touch with a South Florida DUI attorney such as Frank Schwartz, P.A today if you have issues or questions concerning your situation!

We service clients facing DUIs throughout South Florida including Broward County.

Contact Frank Schwartz, P.A. today to speak with our South Florida DUI attorney.

Can You Seal or Expunge a DUI In Florida?

While you cannot have a DUI conviction removed from your record, in some cases, you may be able to have your DUI charge expunged or have the records sealed. Here’s how to get a DUI charge expunged or sealed in South Florida:

How Long Does a DUI Stay On Your Record in Florida?

In Florida, a DUI conviction will stay on your criminal record for up to 75 years. You will be unable to have a DUI conviction removed from your record. A DUI charge, on the other hand, can potentially be expunged or removed.

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