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Juvenile Crimes


South Florida Juvenile Defense Attorney

Defending Against Juvenile Criminal Charges in Florida

Has your child been jailed and accused of a crime in Florida? You may be feeling distressed and anxious about what the future may hold. At Frank Schwartz, P.A., I understand that kids make errors, yet their errors should not determine their future.

When you retain legal counsel with our South Florida juvenile defense lawyers, we can take swift action to establish a personalized strategy that can help you as well as your child receive a desirable resolution to his/her situation.

As quickly as possible after an arrest, it is crucial that you consult with a South Florida juvenile defense attorney from Frank Schwartz, P.A. to ensure that rights of your child are protected.

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Handling the Florida Juvenile Justice System

The juvenile justice system’s objective, unlike the adult courts, is to take the juveniles that enter the system and rehabilitate them. Once rehabbed, they can be released into the community as a productive member of society. In some cases of juvenile justice, the system pushes to “make an example” of juveniles in order to push for higher charges at the court level.

We service clients facing juvenile criminal charges throughout South Florida including Broward County.

Consult the South Florida juvenile crime attorneys at Frank Schwartz, P.A. to protect the rights of your child today at (786) 648-7983.


What Happens When Your Child Gets Arrested

If your child has been arrested and placed in custody, they could be placed in a detention facility for 20 days or more before a court judgment can be given. After the court judgment is rendered, your child can be then released back into parental custody, given a probationary period, or have to serve a part of their sentence in a juvenile center or residential commitment facility. These centers are similar to adult jail cells.

Our firm deals with juvenile cases in Florida such as:

It can be an uphill battle against the Florida juvenile justice system. It can end up being expensive as well, if you do not have the proper representation by a knowledgeable and experienced South Florida juvenile defense attorney. If your child has actually been jailed, or if you have obtained a summons to appear in court, do not be reluctant to hire Frank Schwartz, P.A. right away.

Frank Schwartz

Attorney & Founder

Frank Schwartz is a South Florida attorney who concentrates his legal practice in the area of criminal defense. Mr. Schwartz is proud to have established a highly successful and effective criminal defense trial practice in South Florida.

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