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South Florida Sex Crime Lawyer

Strong Defense for South Florida Sex Crime Allegations

If you have been charged with a sexual offense, you have probably already realized the gravity of your situation. Depending on the case, you could be facing years in prison, hefty fines, broken relationships, and more. With so much on the line, it is crucial that you get strong, aggressive legal representation.

At Frank Schwartz, P.A., our South Florida sex crime defense lawyer will fight tirelessly to protect you and your future. If you work with us, you can rest easy knowing that your case will be in great hands.

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What Is a Sex Crime?

In Florida, the legal definition of a sex crime (also known as a “sexual offense”) is any unlawful and nonconsensual sexual contact or act.

Sex crimes can be charged as both misdemeanors and felonies, depending on the alleged victim, perpetrator, and nature of the offense. Additionally, there are both forcible and non-forcible sexual offenses.

Forcible Sex Offenses

A forcible sex offense involves violence of some sort.

A common example is getting a person to carry out a sex act by threatening physical harm. Attacking and forcibly raping another adult would be another example.

Forcible Sex Offenses

A non-forcible sex offense does not involve outright violence. Rather, these charges concern sexual acts with someone who cannot legally consent to them.

Under Florida law, minors/underage girls and boys, drugged and intoxicated persons, and people with specific mental disabilities are considered unable to give consent.

Once you contact our South Florida sex crime attorney, we will work quickly to launch your defense. So why wait? Get legal help today!

Types of Sex Crimes Cases We Take On

At Frank Schwartz, P.A., we defend clients against all types of sex crime charges:

Common Defenses to Sex Crime Charges

Some of the most common defenses in sex crime cases include:

These are just some of the defenses commonly used in court. Our South Florida sex crime lawyer will work to find the strongest defense strategy for your case. If you wish to protect your future, don’t wait to reach out to our firm. We service clients facing sex crime charges throughout South Florida including Broward County.

Sex Crime Convictions and Penalties

Being convicted of a sex crime can completely upend your life, even if you were wrongfully convicted. The prosecution may attempt to make an example out of your case—and with Jessica’s Law, the penalties for sex offenses in Florida are some of the harshest in the nation.

How Our South Florida Sex Crime Attorney Can Help

Protect Your Freedom, Reputation, & Future

For sex offenses, prosecutors typically level the worst charges and try to get the maximum sentence available. On top of needing an aggressive attorney, you will also need a team that can match the prosecution. Founder and Attorney Frank Schwartz has over 20 years of experience with complex criminal cases in South Florida and throughout Florida. And as a former prosecutor, he brings key insight to every single case our team takes on. For example, we are well versed in the common strategies and angles the prosecution may take. What’s more, our team has deep knowledge of various criminal cases and the laws behind them. We will use our inside knowledge of how a prosecution team works to your advantage. Let our experienced defense team advocate for you!

Frank Schwartz

Attorney & Founder

Frank Schwartz is a South Florida attorney who concentrates his legal practice in the area of criminal defense. Mr. Schwartz is proud to have established a highly successful and effective criminal defense trial practice in South Florida.

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Super Lawyers2023

Aggressive Defense You Can Count On

If you’ve been charged with a sex offense, Frank Schwarts, P.A. is here to help.

Starting with a completely free and confidential consultation, we will listen to your side of the side. Then we will launch an investigation into your case to mount a solid defense. We will also take care to dive into the prosecution’s case. Backed by our sex crime lawyer’s time as a prosecutor, our team knows how find and poke holes in the prosecution’s argument.

Time after time, we built bulletproof defenses for our clients. In the past 20+ years, we have tired over 100 criminal cases in Federal and state courts. Put our experience, skills, and insight on your side!

Learn more about how we can help. Contact a South Florida sex crime attorney online today.







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